A therapeutic community to enhance the quality of life for adults living with chronic mental illness

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Care Coordination

Personalized guidance and support for comprehensive, integrated care tailored to individual needs.

Therapeutic Programming & Services

Holistic interventions and services that address mental, emotional, and physical aspects of well-being.

Medication Management

Expert oversight and support in managing medications to optimize mental health and stability.

Therapeutic Work Program

Empowering individuals with the opportunity to develop job skills through paid positions on campus or in the community, fostering independence and support.

Social & Recreational

Engaging opportunities that promote social interaction, connection, and enjoyment for a balanced life.

Supervised Community Living

A transformative program enabling residents to live within the community while receiving essential support, fostering independence and growth.

Extended Stay for Lasting Change

Offering indefinite length of stay for comprehensive, sustainable progress.

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for adults with chronic mental illness. We envision a future where individuals with chronic mental illness experience a life of empowerment, inclusivity, and holistic well-being, supported by innovative programs and a nurturing community that fosters personal growth and independence.

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